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Strictly Beds and Bunks facts and figures.

In an effort to bring your the bed we have the following interesting (or not so interesting) facts.

  1. To complete our deliveries each year we cover approximately 468,000 miles, about twice the length of The Distance from Earth to the Moon. (The orbit of the Moon around the Earth is elliptical, with an average distance of 238,877.8 miles)
  1. During the manufacturer of our beds we pack, within our assembly kits just over 1.5 million bolts and fixings per year.
  2. During the year we machine approximately 1014 tonnes of timber to produce your bed or bunk bed.
  3. Over the year EACH of our drivers consumes around 1040 cups of coffee whilst driving around the country.
  1. Our CNC machines make over 6 million holes in timber in preparation of your order.
  1. We use, end to end 30,000 metres of recycled cardboard,
    about one-fourth the length of Hadrian's Wall.
  1. Over a year, if you place the beds we manufacturer, end to end the distance would be approx 22,000 metres, about three times the length of The Las Vegas Strip
  2. During the process of packing our products each picker will walk, per year around 7200 miles, about three times the length of The Mississippi River