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Received a Delivery but Missing a Parcel?

You Have Received a Delivery but are Missing a Parcel?

Firstly, we’re sorry for your issue, as advised on previous communications we never send out part orders. When the courier collects a tracking number is raised, this is when we email you with this information or add to your Amazon tracking. The tracking information allows you to track live the delivery status of the parcels, they do however automatically forward further boxes immediately when it arrives back to your local depot so should arrive shortly.


Unfortunately, on occasions despite picking up all the parcels the courier may deliver some on different days. This may be due to vehicle space or parcels arriving at different times on their trunking lorries. Please keep an eye on your tracking, these will arrive hopefully within the next few days, the tracking will update once the missing parcel has been received by your depot. This is done automatically without any need to make contact. If you want to know how to find your tracking number click here.


A driver may say he has no other parcels, what he means is he has only been handed those parcels. The remaining parcels are still to arrive at your delivering depot. When they arrive they will be handed to the driver to complete your delivery. I realise this can be frustration but can happen with a nationwide delivery service.


So, in general the missing parcel arrives the next day automatically, however if this is not received the the end of business the next day please email us at help@strictlybedsandbunks.co.uk. To speed up the process please include the following:




The amount of parcels received using the white carrier label and the parcel number you are missing. We can then investigate.