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Bunk Bed With Bottom Double

Bunk Bed With Bottom Double

Unlock Space and Sleeping Options - Discover Triple Sleeper Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are fantastic space-savers, but why stop at a double when you can maximise your sleeping flexibility? Enter the triple sleeper bunk bed – a brilliant setup featuring a bunk bed with bottom double suitable for adults or children (or a mix of both!).


Get ready to transform your bedroom into a space that adapts to your changing needs. If you want to explore the advantages of a bunk bed with a double bottom, look no further than Strictly Beds and Bunks. With years of experience as the bunk beds experts, we know them inside and out. We’ll guide you through all the amazing benefits of this adaptable sleep solution, making sure you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Need More Beds? Discover the Flexibility of Bunk Beds with Double Bottoms

Is your guest room feeling cramped with visitors? Are sleepovers becoming a logistical nightmare? Maybe you’re an Airbnb owner struggling to cater to different group sizes. It sounds like you need a sleeping solution as adaptable as your life! Traditional bunk beds are great, but a bunk bed with bottom double takes flexibility to the next level. Imagine…


  • • More space for sleepovers – No more squeezing extra kids onto the floor – everyone gets a comfy bed!
  • • The perfect guest room setup – Accommodate couples with children or multiple guests with ease.
  • • Airbnb advantage – Attract a wider range of guests and bookings with versatile family room sleeping options.

Duchess or Duke - Flexible Space-Saving Beds for Your Evolving Needs

Meet the Duchess and Duke triple sleeper bunk beds – your partners in creating adaptable sleeping solutions. Crafted with care right here in the UK, these solid pine beds are where space-saving meets versatility.


The Choice is Yours


Both the Duchess and Duke offer the same generous dimensions and comfortable sleeping arrangements. The key difference? Ladder placement!

  • The Duchess features a side ladder that can be positioned on the left or right, giving you layout flexibility.
  • The Duke sports a straight ladder at the foot of the double bed, making it a great choice for narrower rooms.

Safety, Strength & Sustainability at the Core of Both

Whichever model you choose, you’re guaranteed British safety standards (BS EN747:2019 Part 1&2), robust construction (each base supports up to 20 stone), and eco-conscious solid pine from sustainable forests. Designed for mattresses with a maximum depth of 20cm and offering extra mattress support and longevity with solid slatted bases as standard.


A Style That Fits


Natural, white, grey, or black finishes mean both the Duchess and Duke blend effortlessly with your style. Choose from various sizes and rest easy knowing these bunk beds are in stock and ready to transform your sleeping spaces.

Is a Bunk Bed with Bottom Double Safe for Children?

Yes, a triple sleeper bunk bed can be a safe sleeping option for children when you focus on a few key factors:


  • • Quality Construction – Choose a sturdy bunk bed from a reputable manufacturer, that prioritises safety standards. A well-built bed with strong bases is crucial to handle the weight of multiple people.
  • • Proper Assembly – Following the instructions carefully during assembly ensures the structure is stable. Thoroughly check that all pieces are securely in place.
  • • Age Guidelines – While the double bottom is usually low to the ground, it’s still important to follow the safety advice that children under the age of 6 should not sleep on the top bunk.
  • • Clear Rules – Just like with any bunk bed, set clear rules: only one person on the top bunk, use the ladder correctly, and keep rough play away from the bed.
  • • Supervision – Especially with younger children, it’s always a good idea to supervise and guide them to ensure they’re using the bunk bed safely.


At Strictly Beds and Bunks, we take safety seriously. Our bunk beds are designed to meet relevant safety standards, and we’re members of FIRA, giving you peace of mind when creating a sleeping space for your family.

Transform Your Sleeping Space Today! Explore Our Triple Sleeper Beds in the Strictly Beds and Bunks range.