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Why We’re Proud to be FIRA Members

Why We’re Proud to be FIRA Members

The FIRA Mark of Excellence - What it Means for Our Customers

At Strictly Beds and Bunks, we understand the importance of a good night’s sleep, especially for our younger customers. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure our bunk beds are not only comfortable but most importantly, safe, and secure. Which is why we’re proud to be members of FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association).

FIRA - Champions of Furniture Safety

FIRA is a highly respected organisation in the UK furniture industry. They play a crucial role in setting and upholding rigorous safety standards. Their commitment to research and development ensures furniture meets the latest regulations, providing peace of mind for both manufacturers and, most importantly, shoppers like you.

Our FIRA Membership – A Commitment to Quality

Being a FIRA member is more than just a badge of honour – it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to safety. FIRA membership allows us to stay at the forefront of industry best practices and ensures our bunk beds are rigorously tested to meet the most stringent safety standards, and legal requirements. This includes the latest updates to the EN 747 standard, specifically designed for bunk bed safety.


In the next section, we’ll take a closer look at the specific benefits of FIRA membership for Strictly Beds and Bunks, and ultimately, for you, our customers.

Peace of Mind: Bunk Beds Designed with Safety First

We understand that as a parent, the pleasures of choosing bunk beds for your children can be tempered by concerns about the safety of their construction. Rest assured, that’s why safety is at the heart of everything we do at Strictly Beds and Bunks. To safeguard your children, the UK has stringent safety regulations in place for bunk beds, known as BS EN 747.

What does EN 747 Cover?

  • • Solid Construction – Bunk beds must be sturdy and stable, with no sharp edges that could cause injuries.
  • • Secure Mattress Fit -Mattresses need to fit snugly, preventing any dangerous gaps.
  • • Safe Slats – The spacing between the supporting slats is crucial to prevent children from getting trapped.
  • • Essential Guardrails – The upper bunk requires guardrails on both sides to prevent falls. The regulations also specify the height of these rails for maximum safety.
  • • Sturdy Ladder – The ladder must be securely attached to the bed, with appropriately spaced rungs for easy and safe climbing.
  • • Added Safety Requirements –The latest updates to EN 747 include additional safety checks for the strength of platforms and stairs, features common in modern bunk bed designs.

Your Guarantee of Safety

As a manufacturer and supplier, Strictly Beds and Bunk takes these regulations incredibly seriously. Our FIRA membership is your assurance that each and every bunk bed we design and build is rigorously tested, ensuring it exceeds safety standards and provides a safe haven for your children’s sleep.

Staying Ahead of the Curve - Access to Insights for Your Benefit

Our FIRA membership doesn’t just impact safety testing; it grants us access to an unparalleled wealth of industry knowledge. From the latest updates on regulations to cutting-edge furniture research, we stay informed about the ever-evolving furniture landscape. This knowledge allows us to make proactive decisions about design, materials, and production methods. Ultimately, staying ahead translates into better, safer, and more innovative bunk beds for you and your family.

Your Bunk Bed Safety Guide: Questions Answered

We know that choosing a bunk bed is just the first step. To help you make informed decisions and keep your children safe, we’ve compiled a comprehensive Safety FAQs section on our website. This valuable resource covers everything you need to know:


  • • Age Recommendations: Guidelines on the suitable ages for children to use the top and bottom bunks.
  • • Safety Practices: Tips on teaching your children about safe bunk bed use.
  • • Mattress Matters: Guidance on choosing the right mattress to ensure proper fit and support.


You can find our Safety FAQs here: https://www.strictlybedsandbunks.co.uk/bunk-bed-safety/


We’re committed to sharing with you with you the information you need to create a safe and enjoyable bunk bed experience for your family.

Have questions about choosing the right bunk bed? Contact us today for personalised advice and guidance.