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Transform Your Guest Room With an Adult Double Bunk Bed

Adult Double Bunk Bed

Create Extra Sleeping Space With Double Bunk Beds For Adults

Does your guest room feel cramped or underused? Do you struggle to accommodate families with children or wish you could maximise your Airbnb potential? An adult double bunk bed could be the perfect solution, transforming your guest room into a flexible, welcoming space that delights everyone.


At Strictly Beds and Bunks, we understand the challenges of creating a welcoming and functional guest room that caters to a variety of needs. With our long-standing expertise in manufacturing and supplying durable, heavy-duty pine bunk beds, we’ve helped countless families transform their spare rooms into versatile spaces that can comfortably accommodate both adults and children.


Whether you’re looking for a double-sized bunk bed to give couples their own space, a triple sleeper bunk bed to fit the whole family, or simply a sturdy pine bunk bed that can withstand the wear and tear of regular use, Strictly Beds and Bunks has the perfect solution for you.


Let’s discover how an adult double bunk bed can transform your guest room!

What Exactly is an Adult Double Bunk Bed?

When we say, “double bunk bed,” we’re referring to two specific types of bunk beds designed for adults:

Double-Double Bunk Bed

This is a bunk bed where both the top and bottom bunks are standard UK double size (4’6″ or 135cm wide). This configuration is perfect for couples or groups of adults who want individual sleeping spaces while maximising floor space. Our double-double bunk beds at Strictly Beds are rigorously tested to safely accommodate two adults weighing up to 17 stone (108kg) each.

Double-Single Bunk Bed (Triple Sleeper)

Double-Single Bunk Bed (Triple Sleeper)

This type features a standard UK double on the bottom bunk and a standard UK single on top (3′ or 90cm wide). The versatile layout of the triple sleeper is ideal for families with children, or for accommodating a mix of adults and children. It offers the flexibility of sleeping up to three adults, or two adults and a child, or one adult and two children.

Both of these options provide the comfort and durability that adults need, without sacrificing the space-saving benefits that bunk beds are known for. No matter your specific needs, Strictly Beds and Bunks has the perfect double bunk bed solution to transform your guest room into a welcoming and functional space for everyone.

Why Choose an Adult Double Bunk Bed?

Beyond simply saving space, adult double bunk beds offer a number of advantages that can transform the ways your guest room can be used:


  • • Versatility for Varied Guests – Whether it’s a couple who values their own sleeping space, grandparents making a visit, or a group of friends on a weekend getaway, an adult double bunk bed offers flexible sleeping arrangements to cater to different guest combinations.
  • • Enhanced Privacy – Unlike a single bed or even a sofa bed, a double bunk bed provides each person with their own designated sleeping area, promoting a more restful and comfortable stay.
  • • Increased Comfort – Our heavy-duty bunk beds are built to be sturdy and when fitted with a good-quality supportive mattresses, adults can sleep soundly without feeling cramped or unsteady.
  • • Maximised Functionality – With two separate sleeping surfaces, you can effectively double the sleeping capacity of your guest room without sacrificing valuable floor space.
  • • Stylish Design Options – Strictly Beds and Bunks offers a variety of finishes for our adult double bunk beds, allowing you to find the perfect match for your guest room’s aesthetic.

Choosing an adult double bunk bed isn’t just about practicality; it’s about creating a guest room that’s both inviting and functional, ensuring your guests feel comfortable and well-rested during their stay. With a double bunk bed, you can transform your spare room into a versatile haven that accommodates a variety of needs and preferences.

Safety First: Strictly Beds and Bunks' Commitment

Safety is our top priority at Strictly Beds and Bunks. We understand that choosing a bunk bed, especially for adults, involves careful consideration of its safety features. That’s why we design and manufacture our bunk beds with the highest safety standards in mind.


Our heavy-duty pine bunk beds are built to last, using solid wood construction and reinforced joints to ensure exceptional stability and durability. We adhere to the latest British Safety Standards (BS EN 747:2015+A1:2018), ensuring that our bunk beds meet rigorous safety requirements for guardrail height, ladder design, and mattress fit.


We go above and beyond industry standards by designing our bunk beds to accommodate thicker, 20cm mattresses without compromising safety. This allows for added comfort and support, particularly important for adults.


Our bunk beds are rigorously tested to ensure they can safely support the weight of two adults, each weighing up to 17 stone (108kg), on the double-double configuration. For added peace of mind, we provide wall-mounting brackets to secure the bunk bed to the wall, preventing any tipping or movement.


Our website and product manuals provide detailed instructions for safe assembly and use, as well as tips on how to create a safe sleeping environment for both adults and children.

Transform Your Guest Room into a Welcoming Space

An adult double bunk bed is the foundation for a functional and inviting guest room, but there’s more you can do to create a space that’s truly welcoming:


Storage Solutions: A clutter-free room feels instantly more spacious and relaxing. Consider incorporating Strictly Beds and Bunks’ Triple Sleeper Beds with storage, which feature built-in drawers for guests to store their belongings. Our bunk shelves provide a handy spot for books, glasses, or phones, while our matching wardrobes and free-standing bookcase shelving offer additional storage for longer stays.


Little touches like a bedside lamp with USB ports, or a full-length mirror can go a long way in making your guests feel at home.

Browse Strictly Beds and Bunks’ range of adult double bunk beds, designed and built to be comfortable, adaptable, and long-lasting. Find the perfect fit for your needs and discover how adult bunk beds can optimise your guest experience!