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L Shaped Bunks – Style, Space-Saving and Storage Solutions

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Find the Perfect Fit for Your Family with Versatile L-Shaped Bunk Beds

As a parent, you’ll know about the struggle of trying to make the most of your kids’ bedroom space. You want them to have a comfortable place to sleep, room to play, and ideally even a quiet spot for homework. Traditional bunk beds can be a lifesaver, but sometimes you need even more flexibility. That’s where L-shaped bunks come in.


These clever L-shaped designs provide a dynamic range of possibilities to suit families with changing needs, offering style, space-saving genius, and all-important storage rolled into one!


Strictly Beds and Bunks understands the unique challenges of creating a functional and stylish space for your kids. We’ve been a trusted supplier and manufacturer of high-quality bunk beds in the UK for many years, and over that time, we’ve heard from countless parents seeking solutions for their children’s bedrooms. Our L-shaped bunks beds aren’t just products on a shelf – they’re designed with real families in mind.

Why We Get Excited About L-Shaped Bunk Beds

Here at Strictly Beds and Bunks, we believe L-shaped bunk beds hold a special kind of magic for transforming kids’ bedrooms. Let’s take a look at the potential they offer:


  • • Space Savers – The L-shape design brilliantly uses corners or areas which often get neglected in a room. Suddenly, you have more floor space for play areas, a reading nook, or even a small study area.
  • • Flexible Sleeping – With an L-shaped bunk, you gain so much adaptability. The lower bunk can be positioned separately when needed, giving your kids more independence. This also leaves ample space under the top bunk for storage solutions like chests of drawers, toy bins, or even a hideaway den!
  • • Perfect for Siblings…or Sleepovers – Whether you’ve got two (or more) kids sharing a bedroom or just one who loves hosting friends, an L-shaped bunk is a winner. It provides plenty of sleeping space without overcrowding the room.
  • • Seriously Stylish – L-shaped bunks banish the sometimes-boxy feel of traditional bunk bed styles. They bring a dynamic and modern edge to your child’s room, making it a space they’ll truly love.


We know how important it is for parents to find adaptable and long-lasting solutions for their children’s bedrooms. L-shaped bunk beds tick those boxes and so much more!

Design Tips for Creating the Perfect Kids' Bedroom with L-Shaped Bunks

Choose L-shaped bunks and you have a fantastic starting point for designing a bedroom that grows with your kids and suits their changing needs. Here’s how to make the most of them:

Multi-Use Spaces:


  • • The Homework Hub – The area under the top bunk is perfect for a small desk and chair. Keep it clutter-free with wall-mounted shelves and colourful storage boxes. A desk lamp is perfect for focused work.
  • • Cosy Reading Nook – Transform the lower area into a reading retreat! Add soft cushions, comfy beanbags, and a basket of books. Hang fairy lights or drape sheer fabric to create a distinct and special zone.
  • • Imagination Station – Encourage creativity with a play zone under the top bunk. A small table for drawing, a dress-up chest, or even a pop-up tent creates a world of possibilities.
Design Tips for Creating the Perfect Kids' Bedroom with L-Shaped Bunks

Styling for Success:


  • • Colours that Pop – L-shaped bunks often create a focal point in the room. Choose a vibrant bedding set that becomes a design anchor, then balance it with calmer wall tones.
  • • Personalise with Accessories – Let your child’s personality shine! Display artwork, trophies, or beloved collections on easy-to-reach bunk shelves. Wall decals or a patterned rug add distinctive touches.
  • • Keep it Adaptable – Avoid overly themed decor that your child might outgrow. Choose accessories and bedding that can be changed easily as their interests shift.


Savvy Storage:


  • • Under-Bed Wonders – Make the most of under-bed storage with boxes or drawers. These are ideal for out-of-season clothes, toys, or extra bedding.
  • • Vertical Thinking – Use the height of the room! Floating shelves above the L-shaped bunk offer space for books, display items, or even plants for a touch of nature.
  • • Creative Containers – Colourful baskets, decorative storage bins, or even repurposed crates add both storage and visual interest to the bedroom.


Get your kids involved in the design process! Their input helps create a room they love spending time in, leading to greater investment and enjoyment for years to come.

What is the Appropriate Age for L-Shaped Bunks?

Safety is a top priority for any parent, so it’s important to understand the guidelines for using L-shaped bunks:

  • • Top Bunk – British Safety Standards (BS EN 747:2015A) recommend that the top bunk is only suitable for children aged six years and older. This is due to the need to safely use the ladder or steps to access the top bunk. Always double-check any specific safety recommendations provided by the manufacturer.
  • • Bottom Bunk – The lower bunk of an L-shaped bunk bed can be used by younger children, offering a cosy and safe sleeping space.
  • • Siblings Sharing – If you have children of a similar age sharing a room, it’s often best to wait until both are six years or older before using L-shaped bunks. This helps ensure they’ll understand the importance of safety rules, especially no jumping!
  • • Age Difference – L-shaped bunks are a fantastic solution if you have siblings with a few years between them. Your older child can safely use the top bunk, while the younger child sleeps soundly in the lower bunk.

In the end, you know your child better than anyone. Take into account their maturity level and any specific safety information provided by the bunk bed manufacturer.

Transform your child’s bedroom into their dream space! Browse our selection of L-shaped bunks and discover the perfect solution for fun, flexibility, and years of sweet dreams.