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5 Exciting Design Ideas for Small Teenage Bedrooms

Small Teenage Bedrooms

Decorating Your Teenager’s Bedroom

Remember the days when your child’s room was an ocean of stuffed animals and primary colours? Those simpler times are about to morph into a whirlwind of opinions, evolving tastes, and, yes, sometimes even slammed doors. Enter the teenage years, a time of fascinating self-discovery and…space constraints.


Suddenly, that once-adequate bedroom feels like a Narnia wardrobe, but without Narnia – bursting with potential but frustratingly compact. As parents, we want to create a space that fosters their independence and fuels their creativity – but where do we start?


The Strictly Beds & Bunks team has been navigating the tricky terrain of teenage bedrooms for years. We’ve gathered 5 design ideas for small teenage bedrooms that are guaranteed to maximise space and create an exciting environment for your child’s growing ideas, aspirations, and ideals.

1. Bunk Up for Space and Style

Let’s face it, floor space is precious in small teenage bedrooms. Time to consider bunkbeds! This versatile furniture piece instantly doubles your sleeping area, freeing up valuable square footage for other activities.

Or think beyond just doubling sleep space by opting opt for a high sleeper design. This creates a ‘top floor’ bed, freeing up a spacious zone underneath. Imagine their eyes light up as they discover the possibilities:


  • • A space for study. Integrate a desk or floating shelves for homework, complete with mood lighting and inspiring artwork.
  • • A gamer’s den. Transform the lower space into a gamer’s paradise with comfy beanbags, a monitor and console setup, and maybe even a mini fridge.
  • • A bookworm’s haven. Create a cosy reading nook with fairy lights, a plush armchair, and overflowing bookshelves.
  • • A chill zone. Hang a hammock for lazy afternoons, add floor cushions for movie nights, or set up a board game station.
Bunk Up for Space and Style

2. Let the Walls Do the Talking

Forget bulky dressers and overflowing desks! In a small bedroom, the walls are your allies, offering endless possibilities for storage, display, and self-expression.


Shelving Solutions for Every Style:


  • • Floating shelves. Think of them as mini stages for your teen’s evolving interests, allowing them to curate their own art exhibitions of sneakers, comic books, or photographs.
  • • Pegboards. These provide clear wall storage, perfect for hanging headphones, instruments, backpacks, and even plants. Use small, coloured storage baskets for smaller items.
  • • Wall-Mounted Organisers. Maximise every inch with hooks for jackets, hanging shelves for toiletries, and magnetic boards for notes and reminders! Free up that precious floor space.

3. Lighten Up With Mirrors

Beautiful bedroom mirrors create the illusion of extra space and maximise the natural light in a small bedroom. Strategically placed mirrors can also bounce light to darker corners, creating a more inviting atmosphere.

Lighten Up With Mirrors

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Make This Room Feel Huge after All:


  • • Size matters. Select a statement mirror or a cluster of smaller ones strategically placed to reflect key areas. A large mirror opposite a window doubles the natural light, instantly making the room feel twice as bright and spacious.
  • • Corner magic. Place a mirror in a dark corner to bounce light and chase away the shadows. It’ll visually expand the space and make the room feel more welcoming.
  • • Get creative. Don’t just stick to flat planes! Leaning floor mirrors add instant depth, while strategically angled ones can reflect interesting architectural features, drawing the eye and creating a dynamic feel.

4. Cosy Up With Mood Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood. String lights, fairy lights, and desk lamps can turn a compact space into a warm and cosy retreat. Don’t be afraid to incorporate pops of colour through accent walls, bedding, or accessories. Remember, it’s your teen’s space, so let their personality shine through!


  • • Create a Grotto. String lights and fairy lights cast a soft, magical glow, perfect for creating a dreamy reading nook or a calming atmosphere before bed.
  • • Desk Lamp Drama. Banish the shadows! A desk lamp provides focused light for homework or late-night chats, while adding a touch of personality with quirky designs or coloured shades.
  • • Warmth on Demand. Position floor lamps and sconces strategically to create pools of warm light, ideal for lounging on the bed or curling up with a good book.

5. Bring On The Colour

Designing a colour scheme for a teenage bedroom isn’t just about picking shades, it’s about creating a space that reflects their personality. Get your teen involved in the conversation and help them to find colours that truly express who they are. A small bedroom isn’t a limitation, it’s a canvas for them to express their evolving tastes and create a haven they can grow with.

  • • Accentuate the Walls. A daring accent wall can be the ultimate mood setter, reflecting your teen’s current vibe – from calming blues to energising yellows. Let them choose a colour, or wallpaper that they love.
  • • Play with Patterns. Explore patterned wallpaper, murals, or stencils to add depth and personality. Temporary accents like peel-and-stick wallpaper allow for easy experimentation and growth alongside your teen’s evolving tastes.
  • • Mix and Match. Small spaces thrive on playful colour choices! Combine a bold accent wall with calming neutrals or textured elements like woven rugs and cozy throws. This creates visual interest and a sense of balance, even in limited square footage.

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