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Buying Bunk Beds – A Guide for Parents

Buying Bunk Beds – A Guide for Parents

Make Bedtime an Adventure With Bunk Beds

Remember the excitement of clambering up to the top bunk, the hushed giggles and whispered stories, the sense of adventure that sleeping in a bunk bed offers to a child. These memories are often associated with childhood sleepovers, but bunk beds can transform your child’s bedroom, even for everyday bedtimes.


As parents, we understand the challenges of maximising bedroom space and finding smart solutions for storage, and bunks beds are the perfect solution.


At Strictly Beds and Bunks, we’ve been providing British-made bunk beds since 2002 and witnessing firsthand their enduring appeal for families. We’re also acutely aware of the factors that parents consider when selecting the ideal bunk bed for their little ones. Join us as we navigate buying bunk beds and offer some essential tips for making an informed decision.

Is Buying Bunks Beds a Good Idea?

Bunk beds are more than just a space-saving solution for small bedrooms; they’re versatile pieces of furniture that can transform your child’s sleeping experience. If you have two children sharing a room, a bunk bed offers a sleeping arrangement that gives both of them some privacy, even if space is at a premium. Additionally, bunk beds are ideal for sleepovers, providing a comfortable and exciting sleeping arrangement for friends.


When choosing a bunk bed, consider your child’s age, height, and sleeping preferences. Ensure the ladder is positioned safely and accessible and opt for a style that complements the overall décor of their room. Bunk beds are an investment that will provide years of enjoyment and convenience for your growing family.

Concerns About Safety?

While bunk beds offer a multitude of benefits, we know that safety is a top priority for parents. For this reason, children under 6 should not be using top bunks. Thankfully, there are several safety features parents can adopt. Cabin beds, for instance, provide a secure environment for younger children while still offering the thrill of sleeping up high.


Some children are sound sleepers, others are more restless. If your child gets up during the night, or moves about in their bed, it may be a good idea to place them on the lower bunk rather than the top one. This will avoid them becoming disoriented if they wake regularly.

Is There Enough Ceiling Clearance?

Before bringing home a bunk bed, take time to assess the height of the ceiling in the intended bedroom. The minimum clearance required between the top bunk and the ceiling is 30 inches (2.5 feet), ensuring adequate space for your child to sit upright without bumping their head. This clearance is essential for safety and comfort, especially when considering the height of the average bunk bed, which ranges between 5 and 6 feet.


By ensuring sufficient headroom, you’re creating a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your child, allowing them to climb up and down without worry. Adequate space also promotes a sense of freedom and independence, allowing your child to move around the top bunk without feeling constricted.

Do You Need Bunk Beds With Storage?

Bunk beds offer not just an efficient use of space but also the opportunity to incorporate clever storage solutions. Consider bunk beds with built-in storage compartments, such as drawers tucked beneath the lower bunk or clear space beneath the structure. These storage options provide a place for keeping toys, books, clothes, and other items neatly organised and out of sight.


When selecting bunk beds with integrated storage, ensure the available space allows for easy access to the storage compartments. Drawers should have the space required to smoothly glide open.

Do You Need Bunk Beds With Storage?

Why Choose Wooden Bunk Beds?

Wooden bunk beds stand out as a preferred choice among families for several reasons. Their timeless style and versatility make them a perfect fit for any bedroom décor, blending easily into the style of your child’s space. Whether you prefer a classic Scandinavian style or a vibrant pop of colour, wooden bunk beds can be easily painted or stained to match your decor.


As your child’s taste evolves over time, wooden bunk beds adapt effortlessly. With a simple repaint or stain, the beds can transform from a fairy tale theme to a sleek modern style, keeping up with your child’s changing preferences. This adaptability ensures that the bunk bed remains a much-loved piece of furniture even as your child grows, and their interests shift.


Beyond their aesthetic appeal, wooden bunk beds offer a sense of warmth and comfort that complements the bedroom environment. The natural texture of wood radiates a cosy and inviting atmosphere. This comforting quality is especially important for children, providing a sense of security and relaxation as they prepare for restful sleep.


In addition to their aesthetic and emotional benefits, wooden bunk beds are known for their durability and long-lasting quality. Crafted from solid wood, they can withstand the wear and tear of daily use, ensuring years of reliable support for your child’s growing needs. This longevity makes wooden bunk beds a wise investment, providing a practical and good-looking addition to your child’s bedroom for many years to come.

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