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Strictly Beds and Bunks already boasts the largest range of bunk beds online. All of them in stock with a nationwide delivery within days.Unlike most other stores Strictly Beds and Bunks does not use carriers but their own secure and safe delivery department. 

All our beds are made using solid pine, not pine effect or veener. All bunkbeds can be used by adults and can split to make two single beds. Strictly Beds and Bunks offer a unique free base slat replacement service on all its bunk bed ranges for the life of the product. 

Our website provides quick and easy purchases of a variety of different beds and mattresses. Our product range, which include small double 4ft beds, bunk beds, guest beds, cabins beds and childrens beds offer excellent value for money can be found on the site. The company are proud to offer a delivery service within days, not weeks. 

We have been selling bunkbeds, divan beds, metal beds, leather beds, mattresses for over 9 years. The company has built strong and lasting relationships with key manufacturers and as a result are able to offer a comprehensive range of traditional, contemporary and unique beds. They pride themselves on and are committed to the exceptional customer service that they offer through their highly trained staff and professional approach to each and every single one of their customers from start to finish. 

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Adult bunk beds uk.

Adult bunk beds, where can we get them from. The bests place to get adult bunks beds is direct from the manufacturer. A manufacturer that deals direct to the public and delivered throughout the UK.


Like any furniture purchase buying the right bunk bed requires a lot of thought and preparation. There are many factors to consider before making a final decision. Unlike other furniture purchases, however, buying a bunk bed will often involve a third party: the precious cargo that it carries - your children. While you might see a bunk bed as an economical and space-saving solution to your children’s slumber needs, your kids will undoubtedly view it as their own private abode.  


If you are already thinking about buying a bunk bed, space is most likely an issue. Small rooms benefit greatly from a bunk or lofted bed, but there are plenty of benefits for large rooms too. First take some measurements to figure out how much space is available. It is extremely important to measure the ceiling height. All bunk beds vary in height but the average bunk is going to stand between 5 ½ to 6 feet tall. You want to make sure there is at least two feet of space between the bunk and your ceiling. This will cut down on unnecessary bumps and bruises.

Standard bunk beds usually won’t take up more space than a single bed but not all bunk beds can be considered standard. Bunks with pull-out beds, desks, or an L-shape design will surely require a greater sacrifice in living space.

Bunk beds have evolved over the years and there are now many different types to choose from. From a basic, no frills design, to an elaborate combination of features, we offer bunks that cover this whole range of styles. The classic single-over-single design is still as functional as it always was and can provide exactly what you need. If you are looking for something with a little more to offer (e.g a cabin-type bed with accessories such as desk/wardrobe under a single bunk) then check out the different types of units that are available.

The original bunk bed design style is still quite popular. The loft design consists of one bed suspended over either another perpendicular bed, or an open space occupied by a desk, drawers, or shelves - a versatile design with countless possibilities. See our range of kids beds.


If you're looking to conserve space, yet help your children get a good night's sleep, a bunk bed might be right for you. Alternatively, many students heading off to college are looking for a space-saving alternative for their dorm rooms. Bunk beds enable them to make the most of their limited floor space.

A bunk bed is a type of bed in which one frame is stacked on top of the other. These frames can be stacked directly over each other or in an L-shape to provide additional space under the top bunk for a desk or play area. Often bunk beds are used in small areas, such as dorm rooms, children's rooms, hostels, and so on.

There are a number of different types of bunk beds available. Some of these include twin-over-twin bunk beds, twin-over-full bunk beds, twin-over-double bunk beds, full-over-full bunk beds, futon bunk beds, and extra long twin bunk beds. There are even three-tiered bunk beds for additional space savings. Additionally, bunk bed selections can be geared specifically toward girls or boys. They can be made of wood or metal, and come in a variety of colors and textures.

Not only does provide a variety of bunk bed selections, many suppliers also include detailed information about safety concerns and proper assembly methods. For example, many websites recommend that children under six sleep in the lower bunk. Additionally, some websites give you the option to have trained professionals set the bed up for you in your home. As an extra safety precaution, many bunk beds include built-in, full-length guard rails and sturdy ladders. And, if your child no longer wants to sleep in the top bunk, many styles of bunk beds can also be converted into stand-alone beds to meet your family's evolving furniture needs.

Bunk Beds

There’s no denying it – kids love bunk beds. However, bunk beds aren’t just appealing to children; students, travelers, and lofters all use them too. Bunks are cheap and save valuable space by stacking one bed on top of the other.  You can find a number of differently styled cheap bunk beds for kids. And, if you purchase a bunk from us, we always provide delivery.

Types of Bunk Beds

Like all other furniture, there are many different styles and shapes of bunk beds. Choosing the right bunk bed for your needs can be a complex decision; there are lots of options. The most popular types of bunk beds are:

bunkbed is a twin over twin bunk bed, is made from two twin sized mattress stacked on top of one another. Different configurations include twin bunks with stairs, twin bunks with ladders and more.

The full over full bunk bed is hugely popular and is made from two full sized mattresses stacked vertically, one on top of the other. Larger than other types of bunks, this type of bunk bed has more available space for customizable options.

A Futon bunkbed similar to a traditionally styled bed, but incorporates the popular futon bed system into the base of the bed. These beds are ideal for bedrooms and your kids playroom.

Bunk Beds for Kids

Kids bunk beds are an extremely popular item all over the United Kingdom. Kids love playing on bunk beds in the evenings and with friends. If your child has been dreaming of getting a bunk, can provide you with a huge variety of kids bunk beds to choose from. The best part is that pricing is often so cheap, that we know you'll be able to find the right bunk bed for your children.

Strictly Beds & Bunks have selected a range of cheap bunk beds with passion and care to excite and exhilarate younger customers who value bunk beds for their practical, aesthetic and endearing qualities.They represent excellent space-saving bedding and some can accommodate up to 3 sleepers. Their functionality is universally recognised and new creative designs in bunk beds endow them with a striking and attractive appearance that makes them extremely popular with children and teenagers. The consumer can buy cheap bunk beds without compromising quality thanks to the huge demand for and volume production of bunk beds in general. Illustrious manufacturing brands, with a UK base, are producing excellent quality bunkbeds to serve the home and export market.Their incredible ranges of exciting Innovative designs are driving bunkbed sales at home and abroad. Their appealing appearance and durable construction quality promises many years of happy contented sleep to all who purchase cheap bunk beds.They not only promise quality sleep but also hours of fun for their occupants. By their very nature they offer a sense of adventure and personal independence that are so important in helping to mould children's personality and character.

From a purely practical point of view cheap bunk beds tick all the boxes on a child's wish list. They provide comfortable and affordable bedding with a wow factor in terms of their iconic image among children and teenagers. They generally signify individual sleeping units for their occupants and this is accomplished by also acting as space savers. By leaving a smaller footprint than two single beds conventional bunkbeds leave more floor space for items of bedroom furniture such as a wardrobe and chest of drawers. Conversely, if required in the future, the bunkbeds can be converted into two single beds, space permitting. Cheap bunkbeds are conducive to inviting a friend to stay over and will always receive peer group approval, especially from those who do not have bunk beds themselves. There is a great novelty value in sleeping over in someone else's bunkbed and it always suggests fun and games – perhaps watching videos or playing video games or simply watching TV.

The gregarious characteristic of bunk beds means that there are at least always two people interacting socially and this helps children's social development. Children can grow with their cheap bunk beds, which should last for quite a few years, and in the process mature accordingly thanks to a sense of personal independence within a larger social group.Cheap bunk beds provide children and teenagers with a choice of sleeping accommodation.There is the traditional Bunkbed with a vertical ladder attached to the bunk bed itself, which is probably suited more to the slightly older child, then there is the cabin bunk style with a built-in wardrobe and workstation below. This is designed for one child in a small bedroom, whilst in a larger bedroom two or more children could be accommodated in their own cabin bunks.Cabin bunk beds can be a luxury form of bedding for children in houses with lots of sleeping space as their iconic image represents sleeping and living accommodation combined to provide a sense of funky fun and an exciting sleeping experience.

We at Strictly Beds & Bunks find Cabin beds to be an ideal starter bunkbed as they are less challenging than the traditional bunkbed or high sleeper yet provide that sense of adventure associated with bunk beds. They have a certain affinity with a space module such as Dr Who's tardis whose massive interior space belies its outward tiny appearance.With the availability of themed cabin bunk bed side panels children can live the illusion of being on a boat, plane or spaceship,travelling where their fantasies may take them.Cheap cabin bunk beds represent very good value for money and your child's dreams can become a reality when you purchase their metaphorical dream machine in which they can drift off to sleep on a nightly basis. Cabin bunk beds are every child's dream bedding incorporating all their requirements within one single bed – sleeping on a top tier with storage and workspace below. For the older child or young teenager high sleepers are a signature form of cheap bunk beds. They have the height and the challenging ladder to enthuse the more adventurous person and they have the empty space below for kitting out to specification. Space permitting in the bedroom, an angled rather than a perpindicular ladder can be used but this is also a matter of choice and personal preference. High sleepers or loft bunks are phenomenal bunk beds and have enough space below to accommodate a wardrobe, chest and pullout workstation.They rate very highly among teenagers as popular cheap bunk beds as they offer lots of storage space yet leave a relatively small footprint. They come in wood and metal finish and have an elevated, innovative, chic appearance that strikes a chord with many young people both from a fashion and practical point of view. Strictly Beds and Bunks can supply a range of these avant-garde style bunk beds under the aegis of cheap bunk beds without compromising quality or design and appearance. These self-contained sleeping units will please anyone who purchases them and they promise not to disappoint on any level.

Though the most popular cheap bunk beds have historically been pine there is an increasing interest in and demand for white bunk beds.White is the trendy colour in all types of bunkbeds and this trend crosses all age and gender considerations.Matching furniture including wardrobes, desks, chests and bed side units are all available in white and the storage space beneath the bunk bed can be utilised to accommodate various pieces of furniture of choice. Another interesting item of furniture for underneath is a futon which acts as a sofa by day and a pullout guest bed by night which enables friends to have stay overs. You too can benefit from cheap bunk beds by finding your choice of bunk bed online.Subject to availability you can have your cheap bunk bed delivered to your home address within an agreed timeframe. Utilise this convenient service and order your bunk bed today!

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