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Why are our beds so strong? , Good Question
Its all about design, quality of material and the desire not to make a product to the lowest standard. The DEVIL IS IN THE DETAIL, read below as to why our beds are heavy duty

A Peek under the hood

Remember, the mattress gives you the comfort, the base is what holds you up. For this reason we have added additional support to ensure every bed can take the weight of an adult.
  • 19mm Thick solid pine base slats, NO cheap plywood here just to save money
Detachable siderail support legs

The base is further supported by detachable siderail support legs, whilst these are in place the bed frame can take up to 40 stone in weight.

Its all about your back up

There is no point having strong base slats if the siderail and base slat holder are simply stapled in. Yes, to save money and speed up production
importers only staple these import base slat support bars. This is the main reason why a base fails. STRICTLY BEDS hand screws each and EVERY base slat support to the siderail. This gives added support and crucial strength to the bed.
  • Base slat support bar attached by screws, not done on the cheap and stapled for speed.
Remember, nothing is unbreakable. In the wrong hands everything can be broken. A bed is not a trampoline, a three stone child
jumping on a bed base can cause damage. An person using the product as a bed will have no problems, its just common sense.

Additional Centra Rail and Support Leg (Doubles and Kingsize only)

On all double and kingsize beds, because of the extra wide base slats we have incorportated an additional centre rail and centre rail support
leg. Strong enough for you to stand in the midddle of the bed with no issues. Single bed frames do not need these given the small width of the base slat.

Well done, your still here so must be interested - Quality of wood.

We only use good old fashioned, solid pine. No cheap MDF, no manufacturered "rubber wood" (mixture of glue and B-grade timber)
All our timber comes from sustained forests, this means for every tree cut down a minimum of 10 are planted. Remember this is NOT hardwood
so does not come from ancient forests. Pine is a softwood and grown quickly and sourced from the EU.