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We source our timber from sustainable forests in Northern Europe that are monitored to ensure that both local wildlife habitats and human population are protected. Working conditions for employees in the sawmills are also regulated to ensure there is no abuse of labour.
We use pine (European Redwood) or spruce (European Whitewood) from Northern countries such as Sweden and Finland as the cooler climate leads to a slower growth rate for the trees. This in turn makes the timber stronger and more stable. When the logs are converted to sawn timber each piece is graded to laid down quality standards. The sawn timber is dried using kilns that vary the temperature and add water vapor to prevent the pieces drying too quickly and causing splits or twisting.

The devil is in the detail: You would think all beds are the same, think again
We were importers of beds in another lifetime, from Brazil or China. Over the years we witnessed the prices go up and the quality go down. Its a sad fact that over 80% of beds sold in this country are imported. It is for this reason you should no why we stopped importing and started making beds.

The base slat support bars on imported beds are glued or at best stapled.

The base slat support bars on OUR beds are screwed in by hand.
This gives added support to the base slats that hold all the weight.

Imported bunk beds have flimsy 19mm ladder steps, no good for adults.

We supply 50mm thick WIDE ladder steps that can take the weight of adults. No point having a strong bed if you cannot climb up it !

Imported bunk beds have no added support rails under the base slats.

EVERYONE of our bunk beds has a strong centre rail support system under each base to further strength and support the slats.

To keep costs down imported beds use cheap, thin plywood base slats.
Email the retailer before you buy, you will surprised of this hidden fact.

WE ONLY use 19mm thick, extra wide solid pine base slats on ALL of our beds. We understand the importance of quality.

Given an imported bed is made so far away the retailer is limited to what sort of after sales they can offer. Spare part posted from China - really !

We design the beds, we make the beds. We stand by our products and offer a FREE, next day service an ANY parts you may require.