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Strictly Beds and Bunks are active supporters of the The Need Project - Bedfordshire
For more details please follow: http://www.theneedproject.co.uk/about.php

We believe that everyone has the right to have food on their plate, dignity, skills, a chance to work and hope for the future.


The Trustees employ a number of strategies to assist The Need Project to alleviate poverty or financial hardship and meet its Objects by:

  • Providing free food parcels, and when resources allow furniture and clothing, for adults and families experiencing financial crisis.
  • By providing food and other essentials to families and individuals referred to the charity by recognised social work agencies, local authorities, community bodies, churches, charities or other organisations whose purpose includes the prevention or relief of poverty (‘referral agencies’).
  • Developing effective relationships with local councils (County, unitary, parish and town), referral agencies, faith groups and community groups.
  • Ensuring wide community participation in the charity’s projects through giving, and raising awareness.
  • Developing a culture of lifelong learning throughout the organisation in order to allow the trustees, core staff and volunteers to do their allotted jobs effectively.
  • Building strong links with the local media, and regularly updating the charity’s website in order to stimulate public awareness of the charity’s work and the issues facing people in poverty and distress.
  • Setting up social enterprises which add value to the charity’s existing projects by generating surpluses.
  • Identifying, evaluating and incorporating best practice in project templates to ensure that projects become self-sustaining and are easy to replicate.
  • Working closely with churches to help the Christian faith community to take a more active, practical and effective role in social action.
  • Providing educational support to enable those referred to become more self sufficient where it is appropriate and resources allow.